19-30 September 2016
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

Detailed programme yet to come. Topics of the conference during the first week (Sep 19-23) include:


Prospects of distinguishing fundamental theories through cosmological observables such as non-Gaussianities and polarization of the cosmic microwave background, 21cm astronomy, space-time defects or topological defects. We will also discuss recent proposals of Bell-type tests on CMB correlations that would allow us to conclude gravitational field must have been quantized.

High Precision measurements

High precision measurements on quantum mechanical oscillators, ultracold atoms, laser spectroscopy, and gravitational wave detectors are all exploring new parameter spaces. At the meeting we will discuss the prospects that this frontier research might see the first quantum gravitational effects, and exactly how to identify these signatures.

Astrophysics, particle physics

Spectra, polarization, and timing of gamma-rays from active galactic nuclei and gamma-ray bursts (GRB), Kaon interferometry.

Quantum Simulations

Analog gravity models and space-time simulations using Bose-Einstein condensates have recently been proposed as test ground to explore the effects of emergent gravity models. At the meeting we want to provide participants with an update about this research direction.