The Karl Schwarzschild Lecture is an event inside the event. It consists of a special evening talk held by a distinguished key note speaker.

The inaugural lecture at the KSM2013 was given by Prof. Susskind. For the KSM2015 we were honored to have Nobel Laureate Prof. Gerard ’t Hooft as a Karl Schwarzschild Lecturer. For the KSM2017, Prof. Juan Martin Maldacena will provide a natural continuation of the theme “Modern aspects of black hole physics” since ’t Hooft laid the foundation discovering the holographic principle, and Maldacena applied it to conjecture the gauge/gravity correspondence.


Karl Schwarzschild Lecturers

2013  Leonard Susskind, Stanford University

2015  Gerard 't Hooft, Spinoza Institute and Utrecht University

2017  Juan Maldacena, Institute for Advanced Study